Monday, March 17, 2008

Connecting Earth

So you want to save the earth? But you just cant seem to get off Facebook and Orkut, huh? Well, in this age, there is a solution for everything. Welcome to the latest way to save the planet -
“Connect2earth is a truly global space for young people to connect, share, express their concerns and hopes about the environment online — and win some prizes in the process” .. so says James Leape, Director General of WWF International. WWF and IUCN tie up with Nokia to create this website which allows users to share pictures, videos and articles about the state of the planet.
Thats great. Whats also understandable is that having a corporate sponsor like Nokia, you cant escape the puns on the website "connect2 earth" in true sms style. The content and the material is visually appealing and the text is simple.
I am trying very hard not to be cynical, but when you are hit with these two huge ad banners on the homepage that proclaim "Save the planet. Win a phone" and "Upload now to start changing the world".. well then you start wondering.. if you really need to give a phone every month to get this generation of people interested in saving the planet... phew.. Good Luck!!

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